Focus on the water issue at Propak Asia

Interview to Gianluca Catellani, Commercial Director of A DUE, exhibitor in the Italy Pavilion at Propak Asia held on June 2019 in Bangkok (Thailand).

During the interview Gianluca Catellani emphasises A DUE all-round solutions for water preparation, purification, treatment and recovery in the beverage industry with the prospect of future developments in the field of waste water treatment.

Among A DUE solutions:

EASY.Water: water treatment plants for the well, spring and city water intended for production and bottling of all types of beverages.

EASY.RM: re-mineralization system for salts and flavourings in-line micro dosing for the preparation of mineral water, including flavoured or functional and alkaline water.

NIAGARA: a combination of innovative technical solutions and water treatment aimed to recover and re-use the water originated during the processes of beverage preparation and filling and destined to be drained.

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