Latest news from Less Water Bev Tech Project (Niagara) with its innovative solution for the wastewater recovery and purification in the beverage industry
SDM International Conference 2017: a privileged occasion for the Less Water Bev Tech  Project result dissemination.
Niagara team participated to SDM held in Bologna on April 26th-28th focusing on applications & experiences from practice in the field of Sustainable Design and Manufacturing. 
Niagara project in the high schools, in order to promote the preservation of natural resources among young people.
On May 9th, Niagara team presented to the teachers and students attending the high school Industrial Technical Institute (ITIS Leonardo da Vinci) in Parma, the objectives and outcomes of the project and its commitment to safeguard water resources. 

DRINKTEC, September 11th, 2017: Focus on the last innovative WATER SAVING Solutions
Niagara team organizes a workshop about “Innovative Water Saving Solutions”, that will gather the EU funded relevant projects dealing with water issues. A platform to know more about the new technologies and innovative solutions in the field, exchange experiences and share best practices, discuss potential synergies and cooperation.


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